Nu Rodeo Caldonia presents The Wild Caldonia Rodeo
The kinda real but made up story of the Boston Saloon and the Caldonia Crew
Wednesday March 22, 2023; 8:00 pm

Nu Rodeo Caldonia has combined the magic of burlesque and theater to bring you a uniquely enticing experience you won’t want to miss. This devised burlesque play will feature singing, dancing and of course the art of the tease!
When Nat Love is rumored to make his return to the Boston Saloon the good, the bad, and the sexy gather for the occasion. A new school western, set in the real Boston Saloon (1864-1875) in Virginia City, Nevada and inspired by a few historical people and events.
Ride side saddle as we explore the Wild West via the comfort of Richmond Triangle Players with Bri Psycho 6, Darshe Dazzles, Rica Grande, Saffron Soliel, Santobella Spark, Jo’Rie Tigerlily, Qing Blaze, Jungle Julia and Sasha Nyte. Tickets $30 in advance; $35 at the door.
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