Richmond Triangle Players

Corpus Christi

Musical Direction by
TeDarryl Perry

Fight Direction by
Adam Turck

Makeup Design and
Special Effects by
Todd Schall-Vess

Scenic Design by
T. Ross Aitken

Costume Design by
D. Mark Souza

Lighting Design by
Andrew Bonniwell

Sound and Properties
Design by
Lucian Restivo

Technical Direction by
Andrew Santalla

Production Stage Manager Erinn Perry

jan. 31feb. 24

This highly provocative play tells a story that parallels the New Testament's, and its subject is nothing less than the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. But McNally's Christ figure is a character named Joshua, a gay young man born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the early 1950s. He flees his hometown in search of a more accepting environment, gathering along the way a group of disciples who are bound to him by his message of love and tolerance. Joshua delivers his Sermon on the Mount, and officiates at a gay marriage ceremony, but, inevitably, his radical teachings (like Jesus's) will not deliver him from his fate.

A proud part of the city-wide Acts of Faith Festival

By Terrence McNally

Directed by Dexter Ramey

Sponsored by

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